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In Every Issue
binoculars icon Scout It Out
Meet the Issue's topics and prepare for your adventure.

utility knife icon Outfit Your Crew
Collect any supplies to make the art.

oars icon Ready, Set, Row
Follow along with simple instructions for three different projects of varying complexity. Start with the "Dip A Toe" project, move on to "Jump In" and then finish with "Make A Splash."

hand in hand icon (G)row Together
Find tips for parents in "Toss Them A Line" (considerations for varying needs and capabilities), "Adventure About" (ideas for applying the learning in their world) and "Buckle The Life Vest" (suggestions for additional skills practice to prepare your child for success).

canoe icon Paddle Your Own Canoe
Kids explore on their own (or with a little help) ideas to practice what they've learned in "Get Your Bearings" (self-reflection), "Buoy Yourself" (helpful tips) and "Make Good Waves" (apply the skills).

greenhouse icon Leave No Trace
When applicable, this section provides guidelines to upcycle any leftover project materials.

world love icon In The Same Boat
Practice new skills on a personal, local, regional, national or global level.

backpack icon Pack It Up
Explore the interconnectedness of the projects, the activities and the ideas.

field notes icon Field Notes
Share with us what you learned, what you made or how did it go...because we want to know!

TYC science iconTYC languag arts iconTYC math icon
Science! Language! Math!
Look for these icons to find a connection to the academic subjects your child may be studying. Play with math. Learn new words. Watch science in action. Then be ready for them to be confident and delighted when they come across these ideas in their studies.

Building the interconnected skills kids need to happily succeed through playful and creative learning. Curiosity. Character. Confidence.
It starts with the art.

It’s easy to get started. Choose your subscription: your first Issue full of creative learning activities is available to download immediately (you’ll get an email, too.) Then, get to the enjoyable work of making art and exploring the connections to academic subjects, social-emotional skills and social awareness. Each Issue encourages resourcefulness and re-use so you should be able to start the art right away without too many special supplies. (You’ve got a catalog in the recycle bin? You’ve got origami paper!)

art activities social-emotional connections academic integration youth activism

Each month, check your inbox for the next Issue. You’ll always find an imaginative, multi-layered experience in a fun and portable digital package. No stickers. No pre-cut pieces. Always open-ended and hands-on to encourage creative confidence.creative learning activities and subscriptions for kids

The planet-friendly way to make and play.

Adventure about with each portable Issue.

Print what you want or print nothing at all. Explore some sections or dig into them all. Use it on a laptop, tablet or even your phone as you adventure about. No packaging for the landfill. No leftover tubes of half-used glue. Just hours of well-planned activities and adventures to fit your family, how you want it, when you want it. Green. Flexible. Portable.

Each month you receive:creative learning activities and subscriptions for kids

  • easy-to-follow project-instruction
  • tips for kids ages 5-12 (or so) and parents to extend the exploration and learning, and
  • prompts for unboring reflection along the creative adventure.

Let’s make a splash. Together. Choose your subscription below and let’s get the creative learning started.

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